Things We Love: The WD My Passport Ultra and Slim

There are two questions that I get asked all of the time.  
1. I’m getting a DSLR for my mom, dad, son, daughter, grandma, sister, wife, husband, myself, etc.  Which one should I get?  (By the way, just put up a really helpful article about this very question.  Check it out.)
2. How do I organize my photos from the last X number of years? I’m overwhelmed by digital photo files and I’m afraid my computer will crash and I’ll lose them.  (Sadly, I’ve also heard many tales of computers crashing and years of photos actually getting lost, including irreplaceables like baby pictures or wedding photos.)

Don’t be the person that is completely overwhelmed or worse yet, the one who loses precious photos. I had gotten myself into a complete disorganized mess as well.  I had some unedited photos on my work computer with the edited versions on another computer…photos for my blog on my work computer (makes no sense) while some product shots for work resided on my home computer.  It was stressing me out.

Then, these two cuties came along: The WD My Passport Ultra and My Passport Slim.

My Passport Slim (top) My Passport Ultra (bottom)

My Passport Slim (top)
My Passport Ultra (bottom)

A few notes about how either one of these portable hard drives will help you

  1. They are small.  They can easily fit into a purse, laptop bag, camera bag, etc. and they take up no space at all.
  2. They are fast.  This will help you with your first major reorganization of all of your files on multiple devices.   When you drag folders of your hundreds or thousands of photos onto the Passport, it won’t take all day and crash your system.  I saved a folder containing 560 large high res photo files onto my Passport in just over 2 minutes.  No joke.
  3. As part of your daily workflow, you’ll be able to very easily work between computers.
  4. You won’t have a pit in your stomach everyday about losing Junior’s baby photos.
  5. Without sounding too shallow, they are actually attractive.  Especially the bright colors of the Ultra.


My Passport Ultra

My Passport Ultra


  • Ability to put password protection on it should there be files that you don’t want anyone else to get their hands on.  Note: if you forget your password, however, it is unrecoverable, so this is a bit risky.
  • There is a simple, accompanying black pouch to protect your device, though I wish it were padded a bit.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Automatic backup
  • Cloud backup

Differences between the Ultra and Slim

  • Colors: black, blue, red, silver
  • Space: 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB
  • Price: $80,$120, $180*
  • Plastic enclosure


  • Colors: silver
  • Space: 1TB
  • Price: $120*
  • Metal enclosure

Overall, this is a very nice thing to have for you extremely organized, Type A photo nuts and you massively disorganized photo nuts that need a kick in the pants, alike.

* Please note, the pricing listed is the original list price of the product.  Nearly every online retailer offers them at a discount.

For more details, visit

My Passport Ultra with pouch.

My Passport Ultra with pouch.


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