Photoshop World ($50 off!)

Can you believe February is coming to an end soon?  Where does time go? Have you been thinking of heading to Atlanta in April (8th-10th) to go to Photoshop World?  We have good news.  Photoshop World is offering $50 off a Full Conference Pass!   ...Read More

Blogging for Photographers

There are so many fantastic photography books out there.  We could never write about them all, but when we find one that is great, we just have to share. This one is great. Blogging for Photographers: Showcase Your Creativity and Build Your Audience by Jolie O’Dell (2013, Focal Press in the U.S. ...Read More

Canon Powershot N Facebook Ready Camera Review

The Powershot N Facebook Ready point-and-shoot targets the Facebook-addicted, funky filter-loving crowd with its unique design and an actual button devoted to uploading immediately to Facebook.  With instant filters applied (if you shoot in “Creative mode”), your pictures may turn out just as cool as your Instagram shots, but at a higher ...Read More

Instagramers Gallery Photo Prize – Starting December 16th

Well, this photo prize certainly caught our eye.  For all you Instagramers out there, we just heard of an interesting photo contest happening — the Instagramers Photo Prize from The Instagramers Gallery running from December 16th to April 30th. The site, aims to be the largest digital photography collection from photographers ...Read More

Featured Photographer: Stacy Bostrom

One of the biggest struggles that emerging photographers face is finding their own sense of style.  How do you make yourself different?  How do you stand out? On our Facebook page, we’ve started to feature inspirational photographers that have a clear sense of style.  We’re taking it to the blog, now!  This ...Read More

Things We Love: The WD My Passport Ultra and Slim

There are two questions that I get asked all of the time.   1. I’m getting a DSLR for my mom, dad, son, daughter, grandma, sister, wife, husband, myself, etc.  Which one should I get?  (By the way, just put up a really helpful article about this very question.  Check it ...Read More

7 Things You Should Learn to do in Lightroom

As many new photographers quickly find out, there’s a whole lot that needs to happen after you take your pictures. Unless you have a good system that allows you to efficiently edit, process, archive and output your photos, it’s easy to get bogged down and become trapped beneath the weight of your ...Read More makes “10 Must-Follow” list

E-junkie sent out a list this week of the 10 Must-Follow Photography Blogs and they sent a little love our way. made the list!  We’re honored to sit next to other awesome blogs like: Paint the Moon Photography Awesomesauce Andrew S Gibson Blog Craft & Vision (aka David duChemin) and others. ...Read More

make a sunprint

A sunprint is the most basic photograph you can make with paper that contains chemicals that react with light and water.  Also called cyanotype (because of the blue cyan), this creation is made only with an object you want to print and the sun, so you don’t need a camera either!  These ...Read More

Petzval art lens Kickstarter raises $1 million – wow!

We’re huge fans of Lomography here at and we admire them even more now. Lomography partnered with Russian company, Zenit, to reinvent Josef Petzva’s 1840 lens.  Who is Joshef Petzval?  He was a mathematician with a love for optics.  Unsatisfied with the f/19 of a daguerreotype, Petzval created a wide aperture f/3.6 ...Read More