Glass Prints - Turn your favorite memories into beautiful wall-art
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photogirl with camera taking pictures

Glass Prints Features

  • Thin high-quality glass with beveled edges

  • Printed with six-color UV/LED heat cured ink to the back of the glass

  • A layer of opaque white ink is added to the back

  • Glass is mounted to black and white backer board

  • 1/2” mounting blocks adhered to the back with hanging hardware or keyholes

  • Professionally beveled and polished smooth edges

  • Safety backing for added security

  • Light-weight hard durable surface
glass print featuring corner view
wall spacing block of a glass print
keyhole block for glass prints

Glass Prints

A stunning, contemporary way to display your favorite photos. Glass is a unique and innovate substrate that is sure to bring a whole new element to your images. Your image is printed directly to the back of crystal-clear glass using a six-color UV/LED heat cured printing process and then followed up with a layer of opaque white ink on the back for a glistening work-of-art. The product features professionally edge-beveled glass. A black and white backer board is mounted with clear photo adhesive to add depth and dimension and an added safety feature. The product is finished with 1/2” mounting blocks adhered to the back with hanging hardware or keyholes. Your guests will be window gazing at your beautiful glass photo prints as the images are bright and vibrant with a reflective effect. is part of the Horizon Group of companies which has been in business since 1979 and based in Houston, Texas. Horizon Worldwide is one of the largest Custom Photo, Wall-Art and Décor Manufacturers in the US. The company owns and operates a full-service publishing, manufacturing and imaging production facility that spans over 135,000 square feet.